Mystery Shopping For Financial Services and Banks

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Banks and Financial Institutions are now more focused to gather insights and observe markets to make informed decisions. Mystery shopping for banks and financial institutions enables them to evaluate the actual behaviour of individual sales staff through stimulating a typical customer inquiry.

For Banks it provides a suggestive and analytical way to identify gaps where and intervention of a policy or enhanced customer service methodology is required.

Mystery shopping for banks and financial institutes is an extremely useful means to;

  • Educate about the protection policy of consumer
  • Evaluate market behaviours and identify demeanours
  • Check the compliance of staff
  • Ensure the appropriate disclosure regulation
  • Measure quality of customer attention
  • Understand the reliability of financial advice
  • Identify appropriate access to use of recourse systems when things go wrong
  • Report unequal customer dealing

Financial Services Mystery Shopping Evaluation Methods

Besides the regular Mystery Shopping methods that are in practice including call center evaluations, physical visits , online chats , SMS as well as customer service interactions at Kiosks we have designed mystery shopping for banks and financial service institution with bespoke solutions

These include:

  • Visit questionnaire for Loan Shopping
  • Visit questionnaire Savings shopping
  • Mystery shopping questionnaire for Insurance
  • Shopper profiles with Sample loan scripts
  • Shopper scripts for savings and fixed accounts
  • Shopper scripts for insurance products
  • Provider survey on loan products
  • Provider survey on deposit products
  • Informed consent form

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