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Mystery Shoppers in the Hospitality industry are also often referred to as Mystery-Diners or Mystery Guests

Mystery Shopping in Hotels and Restaurants is crucial to track the ROI & hotels invest in construction, design, rent, employees, furniture, public relations, social media and countless tangibles—all with the goal of attracting guests.

With a qualitative analysis via mystery shopping you not only enhance the customer service experience and sales opportunities but also retain guests.

Quality Assurance

Don’t Meet But Exceed Customer’s Expectations


Before guests enter a hotel or restaurant they have expectation set. Therefore it is of utmost important that you not only meet but  exceed customer’s expectations, before they decide to go somewhere else

Quality Assurance measures performance for:

  • Telephone interaction

  • Staff courtesy and greeting style

  • Hotel Service staff

  • Gastronomy and food

  • Housekeeping and Ambiance

  • Bartenders

  • Reservation Procedures for rooms or tables

  • Customer service during hotel stay

Benefits of Hospitality Mystery Shopping

With GoMystery you can create memorable experiences for your guests. Our research has shown that a negative guest experience will drastically impact your overall sales as well as brand image . Therefore a quality assurance mystery shopping evaluation can help you.

  • Enhance and Optimize Quality

  • Improve Service

  • Generate Word of Mouth

  • Cut Down on Staff Training Costs

  • Create Employee Engagement

  • Create Happier & Self Motivated Work Force

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