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GoMystery exceeds the needs of the Retail Industry through our Retail Mystery Shopping. During the visit, the Mystery Shopper will capture the total customer experience from the arrival into the parking area through to the hospitality and greetings of the employees encountered and including speed of service, the personal skills used in merchandising and maximizing the sales potential, accurate recording of the sale, product display and store cleanliness..

While visiting your store, the Mystery shopper will engage in product inquiry requiring assistance, challenging situations, opportunities to sell and a purchase that allows a traceable time-trail that is documented in the results for analytical review.

Benefits of Retail Mystery Shopping

Our Mystery Shoppers come from diversified background and can anonymously evaluate and collect information through each touch point of the customer journey.

We have secret Shoppers, Mystery Callers, Mystery Visitors, Mystery E-Buyers, and Mystery Customers who will evaluate: Using the data helps to maintain sales, monitor company performance, drive customer loyalty and ultimately increase profits.

  • Customer Service operations

  • Employee Integrity

  • Merchandising

  • Product Quality

  • Call Centre Communications

  • The Overall Retail Experience

  • Maintain Sales

  • Monitor Employees Performance

  • Drive Customer Loyalty

  • Drive Revenues

Retail Mystery Shopping Methods

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